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No development fee
£20 per month*
ngoing support

* £20 pcm is for our three page website and additional costs may occur for add-on modules like Social Media and shop products.
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First, lets look at what is included?

  • An affordable website for a small business, individual or club
  • The development of a 3-page website with NO cost to you*
  • A website that works seamlessly across all devices
    (mobiles, tablet, PC & Mac)
  • Kept secure and up-to-date with ongoing maintenance
  • You can have regular updates free of charge**
  • Professional photography available at 50% off***
  • Monthly reports delivered straight to your email inc. website ranking, visitor count
  • SEO and Google ranking assistance
  • You pay your first month only when your site is ready to go live
* Additional pages can be added.  ** terms and conditions apply: Please see the price list page for details) *** The 50% off photography odder only applies to the setup of your website and not for ongoing update photography.

Is a responsive site important?


‘Responsive’ means your website will work across all web browsers on all the internet devices like desktops and laptops as well as tablets and mobiles.

Over 50% of your customers are likely to be searching for you on their mobile or tablet devices; your site will cater to all, automatically reformatting itself to fit your customers’ browsers.

We have taken 5 random customers web stats for the last month and it shows a true reflection of how mobiles are being used more and more.

Mobile: 51.38%
Desktop: 33.30%
Tablet: 15.32%

Please note: % were taken on the 17th September 2017


Do you need a shop?

Are you are looking to selling your products or wares online?*


We can develop a shop front that will make it a breeze, automating the process for invoicing, billing and receiving payments and giving you more time to develop and display your products.

I need to sell to different countries though

Not a problem; your site will calculate shipping automatically with the correct shipping costs to the relevant country, all displayed in the customer’s local currency.

What about invoicing?

Invoices are automated and dispatch details are emailed as goods leave your premises In the correct currency. You give peace of mind to your customers, who will be reassured that their order is being handled professionally at every stage.

We can even throw in automatic order replenishment notifications so you know when to top up your stock at no extra cost.

Please note: A one-off cost of £50 will apply to develop your shop front; this includes up to 10 products. Additional products may be added by you or by us for a nominal fee.
(Please see the Price List for details)
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What about social media?

You will be able to connect your website posts to:


For further details on posting to Social Media please see our own Blog page

Website to Social Media?

Post to your website and all your Social Media sites will automatically update with the same or, post to your Social Media site and your website will update the same

Can it be automated?

Yes, with automated sharing of your posts to all your social media networks. It’s a post one story to update all your social media.

*Please note: An additional monthly payment of £2 per month for the Social Media add-on, please see the Price List for details

All this for £20 per month, but how can you possible do that? It sounds too good to be true!

No: Let us explain the very first question asked of How!

We are a husband and wife team who choose to live a little unconventionally to the norm. We live with very little outgoings, mainly because we house-sit around the country, year-round, so we bypass rent, bills and home maintenance costs. This means we pass on huge savings to our website customers – we’re not greedy and we believe in excellent customer care above anything else.

We prefer to deal with small companies and individuals like you because it keeps things personal for both of us. We’re very quick to reply to emails and action requests quickly, whatever time of day. You see 9-to-5 does not exist in our lives; we work when we need to and for as long as is needed. Because of that, we’re always around when and if you need us.

What about updates they surely can’t be included?

They most certainly are, which means you get updates to your website quickly and with as little hassle as possible. Any maintenance work to your site will be done behind the scenes by us as soon as they are released, give yourself  peace of mind that your site is as secure and up-to-date as much as humanly possible.

I don’t know how to promote my business online!

We will take all your web-development nightmares away, building you a fresh new responsive website and upping your Google ranking by regular monitoring of your site – and all of this for £20 per month with no development costs!

We can even assist in other areas of your business to get you noticed and promoted. We can help in marketing and graphic design for things like business cards, brochures and letterheads. We can advise you on how to run your business more efficiently by automating a lot of tasks with free tools. We are just like you and do not want to waste time and money doing the mundane tasks.

What is SEO, I hear of it all the time, do I need it?

Yes, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of getting you up the rankings within Google searches. The higher you are up the ladder, the better chance you will be seen by more potential customers. We will work with you to improve your web presence and will adjust your website regularly based on Google’s latest algorithms, so that you stay towards the top of the rankings. We want you to be at the top of your game so you keep us updating your website for you. 






And all this for just £20 per month?

Yes !






No Catches?

No, we just don’t work that way.














Okay what do I need to do?

Just complete some details in the form below and we will look after everything.

We will contact you to discuss your needs and we will put together a demonstration of what your website could look like.

Don’t worry, there is absolutely no obligation or commitment needed from you until you are completely happy your site can go live. 

You will find us both relaxed and very helpful with advise and suggestion. You will have a website up and running smoothly in no time at all. Thank you for your consideration. 

Contact us 

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